Coaches and Mentors


All of our Coaches and Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs. We bring lessons learned, formal education and ways of working that have helped us to succeed in the past. We look to speed up your own journey by leveraging this experience to find your own path and then we help you to reflect and learn from your own experiences.


John Gale

Raising funds
Jurisdiction planning
Business Planning

John is a veteran of Silicon Valley, with a background in engineering and corporate innovation.


Sue Nabeth-Moore

Customer Success Management

I am devoting my passion and energy in helping companies define and refine their customer success organizations on a European scale.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." (Charles Darwin)

As my compatriot Darwin foresaw, successful evolutions depend upon human capacity to adapt to changing environments. Keeping ahead of market forces implies the questioning of the status quo and the capacity to adapt, perform and evolve.


Stewart Noakes

Raising funds
Building your first board
Succession Planning
Exit Planning

Stewart is the co-founder of Canopy and is a serial entrepreneur with experience in the UK, Portugal, USA, India and several other countries.

He believes strongly in the value of coaching and mentoring to support and accelerate the journey.


Ali Hadavizadeh

Business Planning
Customer Interface

With a background in innovation at the University of Bath and having established the Innovation Centre for the Royal Agricultural University in the UK Ali is well placed to support Agritech startups.