Entrepreneur in Residence as a Service

What every good incubator needs is a solid entrepreneur in residence to support and nurture the startups with real world experience, insights and network.

At Canopy we provide this role as a service, utilising our in person and virtual solutions to provide a robust service with more dimensions than is possible from any one individual. All our entrepreneurs in residence are experienced entrepreneurs who have built their own companies, had success and failures of their own. They bring experience. They bring network. They bring options and ideas. They also bring a team of support from within Canopy.

We operate the service under an annualised retainer agreement, on the basis that the incubator does not pass on the cost to the startups. We begin with two months of free service as a risk free trial. This teaches us more about the incubator, the tenants and what the real, specific and unique needs are. It is also an opportunity to make sure that there is a good cultural fit and that we are able to offer the kinds of insights that are useful to the startups.

From there we can build an appropriate program for the coming 12 months, along with identifying any new assets that are not already in our library. We also identify the impact metrics and Service Level Agreements under which the success of the model will be measured.

Want to know more? In the first instance send an email to Stewart@CanopyCoaching.co and we can set up a call to explore what you need.



Demo Night

A huge win for any incubator who engages with Canopy is involvement opportunities for the startups at our regular demo nights.

These are held each month, in person and online. Our global community is then able to help the startups with feedback, advice and opportunities.

This engagement reaches beyond the realm of the incubator and provides additional opportunities with Customers, Investors and Partners.

Knowledge share

Our service is supported by a catalogue of previous support engagements and content. From board papers to reading lists to pitch templates to webinars we have an extensive collection of things that the startups find useful and relevant. We don’t need to ‘keep reinventing the wheel’.

The library is growing every week with our various engagements and interactions. Every time we see a new need we pull something together ready to help someone else next time they ask.